Message to “virtual learners” and their parents/guardians

On the morning of September 3rd, we will be conducting grade level meetings with our virtual students and their parents/guardians in our multi-purpose room at the north end of the middle school.  During these meetings, students will receive their computers, charging cords, log in and passwords, email accounts, and class schedules.  Your child’s teachers will also be attending these meetings, so you will all have a chance to meet them in person and ask questions.  Teachers will be handing out planners, textbooks, workbooks, journals, and other class related materials. 

We will be explaining how to access and use our new learning management system:  CANVAS.  For your child to be successful with our virtual learning program, it will be necessary for you to attend this meeting.  We are all excited to begin our new school year, and we are looking forward to meeting with you!

5th grade meeting:  8:00 – 8:45

7th grade meeting:  8:55 – 9:40

8th grade meeting:  9:45 – 10:30

6th grade meeting:  10:40 – 11:20