Black Hills Raptor Center Visit at 5th Grade BFMS

We're wrapping up our second week of the new year, and it's been one fun week for sure for our 5th grade students!

Our 5th grade Broncs got a special visit from Black Hills Raptor Center to bring in a hands-on, memorable experience to tie into their Life Science unit! This was such a great exposure to science in real life action to ignite student engagement, learning and passion, as students got to see magnificent living creatures up close, such as a red-tailed hawk, barn owl, peregrine falcon, and American kestrel!

This is an annual event that Black Hills Raptor Center has been doing with Belle Fourche Middle School for some years now, and it is always such a special treat for both Bronc students and staff alike each year! Thank you Black Hills Raptor Center for bringing science to life in such a meaningful and knowledgeable way for our Middle School Broncs!

Check out more of our photos from this amazing event, taken by our middle school teacher Ann Anderson below:

BFMS Black Hills Raptor Center Visit 2024 by Smith, Katelyn