North Park Red Door Students work with American Legion's Post 32

While we just got done celebrating on Thursday our South Park Broncs that have been showing great leadership qualities through our Leader in Me program that is being used at our elementary schools, our kindergarteners at North Park Elementary have also been practicing their leadership skills in a special way! Mrs. Huffman’s Red Door students have been working hard since the start of the school year with the important task of putting up and bringing down the North Park flag every school day – building their leadership skills in practicing teamwork, responsibility, and accountability!

On Wednesday September 27, 2023, American Legion’s Post 32 of Belle Fourche came to recognize Mrs. Huffman’s class for their leadership efforts in synergizing, being proactive, and putting first things first, by gathering all the North Park students for a presentation on how to be leaders of our nation through the acts of how to respectfully handle and react towards the American flag.

Kindergarteners practiced some of our program’s seven Leader in Me Habits while participating in the assembly, such as seeking first to understand (Habit #5) by listening intently and respectfully to our veterans discuss the symbolism behind the flag and its design. Our North Park Broncs worked on their leadership habits by learning how to be proactive (Habit #1) and working together (Habit #6) by listening to and providing feedback on when and how to put the flag carefully and respectfully up and away, as well as what to do when you see the American flag in various situations.

After going over a variety of ways to show our respect towards the American flag, and then practicing putting their hands on their hearts and saying the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag, our North Park students were then led outside to witness Mrs. Huffman’s Red Door student, Oaklnn Pickett, help our local veterans properly take the flag down together at the end of the day.

This was such an amazing opportunity for our North Park Broncs to learn from our very own local community leaders how to be an effective leader and role model that makes a difference! We thank our Belle Fourche families, school staff, hardworking students, and community organizations that all come together to help provide students the opportunities, tools, and skills they need to help our students be their best selves and live their best, successful lives!

We also give a very thankful and special shoutout to American Legion’s Post 32 for not only coming out to our school to help show our youngest Broncs how to be great leaders, but also for providing our school a $250 donation towards school supplies to continue to help give our students what they need to best succeed!

Way to go North Park Broncs for being amazing leaders! We look forward to future assemblies honoring the leaders in our schools and local community, as well as all the leadership opportunities Belle Fourche School District and the Belle Fourche community provides each of our schools as the school year continues to progress!

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