High School Regent Scholar Curriculum Requirements

Students must have a B average or better and not have had any grade below a C or 78%.

  • 4 units of English (courses with major emphasis upon grammar, composition, or literary analysis; one year debate instruction may be included to meet this requirement).

  • 3 units of Social Studies (such as history, economics, sociology, geography, US Government - including US and South Dakota, American Problems, and similar courses).

  • 4 units of Algebra or Higher Mathematics (algebra, geometry, trigonometry, or other advanced mathematics, as well as accelerated or honors mathematics (algebra) at the 8th grade, shall be accepted)NOT INCLUDED are arithmetic, business, consumer, or general mathematics or similar courses.

  • 4 units of Science, including 3 units of approved laboratory science (courses in biology, chemistry, or physics in which at least one regular laboratory period is scheduled each week). Qualifying physical science or earth science courses (with lab) shall be decided on a case-by-case basis

  • 1 unit of Fine Arts Coursework in art, theatre or music. Such credit may be in appreciation, analysis, or performance.

  • 2 years of the same Modern or Classical Language (Includes American Sign Language) OR Two (2) units of Career and Technical Education (CTE) OR a combination of one (1) unit of modern or classical Language and one (1) unit of Career and Technical Education. If taking two language courses, the two units must be in the same language.