Bus Arrival - 7:35 am

School Starts - 7:55 am

Lunch Schedule:
5th Grade - Lunch 11:52 - 12:16
6th Grade - Lunch 11:26 - 11:50
7th Grade - Lunch 12:18 - 12:42
8th Grade - Lunch 12:44 - 1:08

School Dismissal - 3:43 pm

Important Middle School Dates for 2020-2021:

Wednesday, August 5th: Last day for Online Student Registration

August 17 - 27: Professional Development (no school for students)

First day of school: Monday, August 31th

August 31 - September 3: Half of student body will report each day - days will be assigned after student registration.

Friday September 4 - 7: No School - Labor Day

Week of September 8 - 11: 4-day school week (Tuesday - Friday)

NOTE CHANGE: Week of September 21 - 24: This is now a 4-day school week (Intersession only on Friday the 25th - Homecoming changed to Friday, October 9th)

NOTE CHANGE: Week of October 5 - 9: This is now a 5-day school week. (We have school on FRIDAY, OCT. 9TH as this is now HOMECOMING)

Week of October 19 - 23: 5-day school week

Wednesday, November 25 - Friday, November 27: No school - Thanksgiving Vacation

Week of December 14 - 18: 5-day school week

December 21 - January 1: No School - Christmas and New Year's Vacation

Monday, January 4th: First day of school for 2021

Week of January 18 - 22: 5-day school week

Monday, February 15th: No School - Presidents' Day

Week of February 16 - 19: 4-day school week (Tuesday - Friday)

Friday, April 2 - Monday, April 5: No School - Easter

Week of April 6 - 9: 4-day school week (Tuesday - Friday)

Monday, April 19th - No School - Teacher Professional Development Day

Week of April 20 - 23: 4-day school week (Tuesday - Friday)

Friday, May 27th: Last Day of School - half day (morning only) for students


Parents, Guardians and Students:  

If there is a regular day of school cancelled because of weather or COVID cases increasing with students or staff, students will need to work on schoolwork at home on that day. Middle school students will find their assignments through the program: Canvas.

The District will then be able to count the day as a regular day in session.  We will then not have to make it up.  When you look up the school closures in the northern part of South Dakota the “scroll” of closure will say “No school and E learning is taking effect today.”